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BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Reduced to £169, HTC Flyer to £199 at Currys and PC World

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Didn’t get that iPad you wanted for Christmas? Or perhaps you’ve got a bit of moolah left over that friends and family gave you. Currys and PC World have the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet reduced to an incredible £169 and the HTC Flyer to just £199, each being the 16GB WiFi only models.

These two 7-inch tablets are among several other great tablet devices to receive hefty discounts by PC World, Currys and Dixons over the festive period, but are by far the cheapest and most discounted of the bunch. The 16GB BlackBerry Playbook has been reduced from £399 to just £169, which makes it a true bargain in our eyes.

If you like the PlayBook but need more storage, the same retail group has also slashed a huge chunk off the 64GB version, taking the price down from £559 to £329 – a saving of £230.

While the PlayBook hasn’t received the same praise as some Android tablets and the Apple iPad, it’s still a very well built product with a great quality screen, flash player support and intuitive controls. Unfortunately there is a lack of apps available when compared to the iPad and Android tablets, but that doesn’t take away from the portability, style and quality of the PlayBook. You can even get Angry Birds on it now!

HTC’s first tablet device, the Flyer has also been reduced to a sub-£200 price of £199. For £50 more you can grab a Flyer with double the storage (32GB) and 3G connectivity to boot –a price tag of £249.99 makes this little Android tablet a very worthwhile buy indeed.

The Flyer is currently running Android Gingerbread with support for handwriting and drawing on the screen using a special stylus pen. You’ll even be able to update to Google’s tablet-specific OS – 3.2 aka Honeycomb – as HTC is already sending out the software update to Flyer tablets in the UK now.

If a smaller 7-inch tablet isn’t your thing, a selection of larger tablet computers have also been discounted at the same stores. You can take your pick from the Motorola Xoom 32GB Wi-Fi  (discounted to £329), the Sony S Tablet 16GB WiFi (discounted to £349) and many more.

Which tablet will you be adopting this festive period?

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