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Blockbuster Database Leak Reveals 25 Unannounced Nintendo Wii U Games – Includes Super Mario & Batman Arkham City

As well as providing us with some top DVD, Blu-Ray and gaming entertainment this Bank Holiday, high street rental chain Blockbuster U.K has thrown us what could be the first twenty five titles for the upcoming Nintendo Wii U – long before the games are due for official announcement at next month’s E3 conference on June 5th to 7th in Los Angeles.

GoNintendo website managed to obtain – and of course expose publically via the internet – screen shots from Blockbuster’s database which shows a search for “WIIU” with items listed relating to that search including popular names such as Super Mario Brothers Wii, Batman: Arkham City and Aliens: Colonial Marines.

The latter mentioned pair of games were never released on the classic Wii console but the new Wii U, which is set to be officially revealed as a finished product in just a few weeks, is said to be able to handle the graphic requirements of these titles and a number of others on the list which were previous contained to higher function systems such as Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

After seeing the list we’re a bit more inspired about what Nintendo’s next home console offering will deliver to the gaming market. We still need a little more convincing about the HD tablet controller, which despite its innovative design and a few cool features such as panoramic gaming view is restricted to a single player neglecting the Wii’s appeal as a fun experience for family and friends.

But criticisms aside, and without further ado, those games listed on the Blockbuster database are:

Aliens: Colonial Marines

Assassin’s Creed

Batman: Arkham City

Darksiders II

Dirt 3

Formula 1 All Stars

Game Party

Ghost Recon Online

Just Dance 4

Killer Freaks from Outer Space

Marvel Super Heroes

Metro: Last Light

Monsters Party

New Super Mario Brothers Wii

Ninja Gaiden 3


Rabbids Party Land

Raving Rabbids

Rayman Legends

Shield Pose

Splinter Cell 5

Sports Connection


Your Shape 2013


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