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Capcom Delivers a Knock Out With Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector Set!

As promised earlier in the year Capcom has delivered an eye-wetting offering to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of seminal combat game Street Fighter – and it’s an absolute K.O!

The Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector Set is beautifully presented in a martial arts inspired black case with white markings and logo. Contained within are four games from the lengthy legacy of the franchise including Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Online Edition, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade edition and recent Capcom collaboration Street Fighter X Tekken – complete with all the classic characters and previously DLC-only alternative costumes.

Aside from the gaming the set also contains a fighter’s purse full of additional goodies such as the stunning 1994 animated movie and the complete Japanese series all on high density Blu-Ray disc, as well as a documentary and an 11 CD complete soundtrack featuring all those classic to modern age street beats which provided a background to many a childhood – The classic Guile’s stage from SFII arcade being this blogger’s all time fave!

A number of exclusive “physical” items really make the Collector’s Set something worth owning, such as a 64-page full-colour, hard-cover art book and light-up Ryu statue. Although the coolest addition, in our opinion, would have to be the authentic replica black belt as worn by the one world warrior and the character who has been there who since the very beginning. The black belt is the same regulation size and weight as those worn around the gi of actual Karate pros and features embroidered Kanji symbols as worn into battle by Street Fighter’s veteran hero.     

The Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector Set is yet to be announced for a U.K or Europe release but will be released in the United States for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 on September 18 and will cost $150 – a real steal for all the exclusive content on offer and a beautiful addition to any fan’s collection.

For a nostalgic flashback to the game changing Street Fighter II, check out our previous Retro Replay feature which covers some of the history of the popular fight franchise!

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