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The Career of Steve Jobs “celebrated” in Taiwanese animated feature

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The biggest tech news this week is, of course, the resignation of Steve Jobs as CEO of Apple Inc. Everyone has done their own unique tribute to the man, the myth, the legend. The Gadget Helpline even did its own in the form of a Memorial Through Memorabilia – featuring some of the amazing and awful merchandise based on the inconic innovator of iPad, iPhone, iPod and much more.

This however may be one of the most bizarre memorials yet – Taiwanese co. New Media Animation has created a not-so true-to-life video tribute called “The Life & Career of Steve Jobs”. Covering his life, in brief, from his LSD induced inspiration for the Apple company, to giving birth – yes, literal birth – to the first Mac home computer.


In the 2 minute clip Steve’s shareholding with Disney is represented in dance, with a bit of body-popping with similes of Toy Story stars Woody and Buzz, to his epic lightsaber battle with Microsoft’s Bill Gates. Continuing his Vader-like antics, Jobs takes over the tech market until in a morose twist of events his illness is addressed as he becomes stalked by death, who he slays (in much bloodshed) with his saber and steals the soul-takers good pancreas for his own.

Steve then retreats to his Apple shaped Death Star, but his relaxation doesn’t last too long as he’s soon confronted with an army of Androids as the strange clip comes to a conclusion.

We’d like to see another tribute top this on weirdness!

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