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Carl Zeiss VR Headset Unveiled

You may not have heard of Carl Zeiss before today, and that’s okay, you needn’t feel like you’re missing something massive. Carl Zeiss is a successful optics company which specializes in optical devices for used by the general public, as well as high end products for use in more specialized industries which require optics, such as microscopes.

“The ZEISS Group comprises six business groups and 13 strategic business units.

The units develop, produce and distribute optical systems such as lithography systems, industrial measuring technology, microscopes, surgical microscopes, ophthalmic diagnostic and therapy systems, eyeglass lenses, planetarium technology and cine and camera lenses as well as binoculars, riflescopes and spotting scopes.”

Says their official blurb on what they do, found at their website.

The company is already well-established in the optics game, so it’s no surprise that their upcoming new product the VR One, another head mounted virtual reality headset released in the wake of the upcoming Oculus Rift VR headset, a concept that’s apparently worth over 100 Million to investors.

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Carl Zeiss’s model isn’t half bad though, especially at the very low price tag. The device retails at $99.90, and allows the user to insert their smartphone into a ‘drawer’ which cradles the phone snugly in front of the optical array. Additional ‘drawers’ retail at about $10 apiece, presumably each one is designed to fit particular devices.

Right now the VR One has drawers custom fitted to the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 6, with more drawers probably coming soon. However, the device’s size means that only phones that measure between 4.7 inches and 5.2 inches will fit inside the current model of the device. This unfortunately means the iPhone 6 Plus and several Windows Phone models will not work with it.

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Once you’ve got the device married together with the smartphone, the optical array inside the VR One makes virtual reality possible. Currently there are very few apps ready to ship with the product, Carl Zeiss not being one for app development as a rule.

Instead, the company is relying on developers to make their own apps to go with the device. Two demo apps from the company have arrived, but other than that a major support network is going to be needed to get some good apps out for the device.

You can pre-order a Carl Zeiss VR One now, and the product should be ready in time for Christmas. Developers interested in the device should head to the source link below for more info.

Source: Zeiss VR One Official Tumblr Page
Via: Techspot