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Channel 4 Announces 4Seven – Programming to be Based on Social Media Trends

Channel 4 will be attempting to make TV “trendy” by adding a new station to its range. 4Seven will introduce the best parts of the social web and present a seven day programming service based on reactions to social media and all the top trending topics on the internet.

In a statement regarding this innovative new approach which will embrace the internet like no other broadcaster is yet to have done, Channel 4 says that 4Seven will feature content that is “creating noise” in the online community including “commentators, bloggers, Twitter, Facebook and of course via contact our viewers are now able to have directly with us.”

We imagine this meaning that popular subjects, for example the recent surge in Kony 2012 bandwagoning that have appeared across our popular and heavily populated social networks, will result in the network screening on-demand shows relating to the plights in Uganda regarding the child abductions and the “Invisible Children” appeals. Other topics may also include politics or subjects of lesser importance such as celebrity feuds based on the most talked about items of interest. Whatever the viewer wants to see according to the web – providing a new depth to interactivity.

“With so much choice out there, viewers are increasingly saying they sometimes just miss the best stuff, despite their PVR and VOD. 4seven will give viewers more chances to catch the most popular and talked about Channel 4 shows from the last seven days.” – says Channel 4.

4Seven will launch later in 2012.

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