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Channel 4 will be first channel to broadcast live on Facebook

The UK’s Channel 4 television network will make cyber-history this weekend when it becomes the first ever broadcaster to stream live television through Facebook.

The annual T4 On The Beach music concert will be streaming live on the social network this Sunday, BroadcastNow reports.

As well as the large number of cameras recording the event and it’s presenters for the live show on Channel 4, there will also be 4 dedicated cameras filming the event for fans stuck at home on Facebook. These cameras will give Facebookers exclusive artist interviews, backstage events and side-stage views of the artists performing.

To get in on the action you’ll need to become a ‘fan’ of the T4 Facebook page which you can find here. Join the other 24,500 fans on the page and between 12-6 this Sunday you’ll be able to view acts such as Jessie J, The Wanted and The View.

It’s an interesting step that’s being taken here by Channel 4, but one that we’re sure will be successful. The age range of those most likely to want to attend the event is also that of the “Facebook generation”, so we can see a lot of teens sitting on Facebook this Sunday afternoon watching their favourite popstars.

Do you think event broadcasting on Facebook will take off? Let us know what you would like to see on the Social Network by adding your thoughts below!

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