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Chromecast not streaming with BT Homehub 5 – Fixed

Here at the gadget helpline I’ve been seeing a large number of reports that the chromecast may have some compatibility issues with the BT homehub 5, this issue may occur with other similar dual band routers as well. The homehub 5 uses 2.4 and 5ghz and the chromecast seems to have an issue resolving the 5ghz signal or at least handling both. Luckily I think I have the solution:

  1. Access the Hub Manager on your computer by typing api.home into the address bar of the Internet browser, then click Advanced Settings
  2. Next enter the Hub Manager admin password (found on the Hub settings card at the back of the Hub assuming you haven’t changed it) and click OK
  3. Click Continue to Advanced Settings
  4. Click Wireless
  5. From here you can change the SSID name being broadcast. In this example here we’ve added 2.4GHz at the end of the name to easily identify this as the 2.4GHZ band. But you can change the name to anything you want. In the Wireless SSID section enter a new name and click Apply



  1. Click Yes for the changes to be applied
  2. Repeat this process for the 5GHz tab (don’t call it the same as the 2.4) on the 5GHz you will see and option for “sync with 2.4GHz” ensure this option is set to “no”.

Now you’ve changed the SSID, you’ll need to reconnect any other wireless devices you’ve previously connected, specifically ensure you connect the chromecast to 2.4GHz

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I’d love any feedback you have as to whether this resolved you problem in the comments section, this has worked for 90% of people but another possible solution if any of you get a chance to test and this doesn’t work is to turn smart setup off luckily BT have a guide for that one:,402,405/related/1

If you aren’t confident with editing router settings in this way BTs technical support line are normally happy to make changes like this for you, just give them a call.

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  2. chromecast now working via hh6…….changed SSID name and split channels. now casting without any problems…..many thanks

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