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Cloud Consoles – Could This Be The Death Of Hardware?

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Cloud consoles to kill original hardware? Agree or not, there is no doubt that digital versions are killing their physical analogue counterparts. While Sony deliberate on how to much to charge for the next iteration of their gaming device, is everyone moving to cloud gaming..?

Books to cloud

Take books for starters. There was a time when the people of the World read books as a pass-time or hobby. Today, not so much.  The hobby is just a different version of online content.
Now people listen to a book being read to them.
Gone are the days of reading and digesting the content for yourself. Gone are the days of creating your own version of a character in your head. Now we are force fed, willingly i might add, in how the character sounds and acts by another persons imagination.

The reasons for this are numerous. People having less time to spend on themselves for one. This is a period where many have more than one job. Some people juggle more than three jobs just to get by. With this in mind it is easy to understand why having a book read to you is an agreeable option. Some just find the ability to carry many books on one device too much to turn down when travelling.

TV to cloud

This is something that really needs no explanations. Cable cutting is nothing new now. Who today has not heard of Netflix? Even your octogenarian aunt is watching Netflix on her connected TV, right? And this is just one of the services now available. There are already a multitude of streaming apps for the discerning viewer in 2020. Too many to choose from you might say.

Consoles to cloud

Playing your games on any device sounds appealing right? Very soon you will be able to play any of your installed games on any device. This covers the standard phone/tablet list that is capable of running the content of course. Microsoft Xbox have their streaming service which is allowable on Windows 10 devices and Android currently. With the cross-overs happening in gaming, this may well change in the near future. We see a future where most games can be picked from a gaming service just like TV streaming. It wont depend on which console you have at home but will entirely depend on the game service you have signed up for.

The only factor really holding the complete change over to cloud gaming is the latency issue. Once this is resolved then it may be time so say goodbye to that old dust trap in your living room!

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