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Dave Cameron Pioneers Special Needs Gaming Centre

It’s not every day that a country clandestinely decides that their leader is actually an Android designed for world domination…

But hey, in the mean time he’s furthering the cause of good, as recently David Cameron opened the first Accessible Video Games Centre in his constituency of Witney.

The AVGC is a place where people who are affected by serious illnesses or disabilities can hang out and use video games unimpaired using some of the latest advances in alternative control systems around.

DavCam bringing Special Needs Gaming Centre

The AVGC is the work of charity SpecialEffect, great pun guys, and is designed to be a hub and testing ground for the organisation, which develops specialised adaptations for video games so disabled people can share in the fun too.

“The work of SpecialEffect brings together three things that I am passionate about: helping those with disabilities, the innovative use of technology and corporate social responsibility,” said DavCam.

“I began supporting SpecialEffect when I attended their launch in 2008 and I’ve been continually impressed with their commitment to helping disabled people. This new centre will enhance the quality of life for some of the most severely disabled people across the UK and I will continue to support SpecialEffect as their local MP.”

“It’s also good to see SpecialEffect working so closely with the UK’s video games industry – it’s a great example of how even a small input from business can help support the fantastic work that SpecialEffect do.”

David, finished with his speech, then went off to look for machine oil and duct tape to ‘fix the country’ apparently. We’re keeping an eye on you Mister PM…

“The SpecialEffect Charity already helps a wide range of people with disabilities to discover how to use specialist technology through its website, road shows, working with hospitals and home visits.” said Dr Mick Donegan, SpecialEffect’s Director.

“The only thing missing was a central hub for people to visit. The new centre offers them the opportunity to arrange to try out a range of cutting edge games and leisure software and hardware, with the advice and support of specialist professionals.”

So yeah, a great deed indeed, especially as so many people with disabilities are missing out on the fun. Hopefully this isn’t just a front for David’s pre-programmed lust for total domination of planet earth, but you’ve got to admit that some of the new alternative control methods are getting cool.

Kinect for the Xbox for example, is a pretty neat start on the path of ultimately hands free consoles. Also, recently Gabe Newell and Chums at Valve Software put new eye-based controls, stress sensors and lots of other ‘wiring brain up to computer’ japery in order to help develop the next generation of kick ass titles.