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  • Steam to Monetize Mods

    Steam to Monetize Mods

    Valve have been fairly tight lipped, aside from a few menial whispers about the ability to monetize a heap of community modifications. Starting with one of the most highly modded games on Steam is Bethesda Softwork’s triumphant RPG The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The process supposedly hands over a great deal of control to the […]

  • Dave Cameron Pioneers Special Needs Gaming Centre

    Dave Cameron Pioneers Special Needs Gaming Centre

    It’s not every day that a country clandestinely decides that their leader is actually an Android designed for world domination… But hey, in the mean time he’s furthering the cause of good, as recently David Cameron opened the first Accessible Video Games Centre in his constituency of Witney. The AVGC is a place where people […]