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DDP Yoga Now Revolutionary Fitness App is Launched

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The DDP Yoga revolution has been building steam for the past several years and finally the fitness system founded by former world wrestling champ Diamond Dallas Page has entered the digital arena with a new app available for Android and iOS.

For those unfamiliar with the program, which has developed a near cult following in the United States, DDP Yoga is a combination of traditional yoga poses, calisthenics, push-ups and an arsenal of strength-building moves designed to offer fat-loss and muscle toning without the high impact of other workout DVDs or a heavy session at the gym. Through its unique approach and accessibility to all ages and levels of ability, DDP Yoga – which ‘ain’t your mama’s yoga’ – has witnessed massive transformations from some of its loyal followers and its biggest success story Arthur Boorman has become a YouTube sensation (you’ve probably seen the video.)

Building on the back of the DVD sales and the viral videos DDP Yoga Now was launched in December as an ‘interactive transformation tool’ and is now available worldwide on most smart devices and also through a website at Both the app and website offer subscription based on-demand access to all the recently re-recorded workouts as well as the original versions (when the program was called YRG – Yoga for Regular Guys).

Regularly DDP and his ‘Crib Crew’ will also host live workouts that are open to all members and all progress is tracked and completed workouts recorded on a Scorecard where points per activity can be gained with a chance to cash in for unique opportunities including personal talks and meetings with DDP.

There’s also the option to link the DDP Yoga Now app to a Bluetooth heart-rate monitor and get more accurate tracking and time spent in ‘zone’ (that’s the fat-burning zone). And in addition to the workouts and exercise side of things, the DDP Yoga Now app provides optional nutritional advice and cooking recipes.

What makes the DDP Yoga Now app truly special is that it really does embody the amazing community spirit of the whole DDP Yoga experience. For those already in the loop, you will recognise the same kind of motivation, encouragement and social engagement that’s key to the community and is also integrated into this app. You can upload progress pics and measurements and share your experience with other app users and to outside social websites including Facebook and Twitter.

The DDP Yoga Now app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS devices for free. Limited features are available to trial users and the full DDP Yoga Now subscription works out at $8.99 per month.

Coincidentally, a documentary based on DDP Yoga success story Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts has just become #1 in the iTunes Sports and Documentaries categories in the UK, USA and Canada.