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YouTube Not Displaying Properly? Fix Here!

Today has seen YouTube being pretty difficult, as a mysterious error has users of the site being shown a broken display with non functional website elements, although videos do still display but without the ability to rewind or change settings, and it’s completely impossible to do much else on the site.

For a quick fix to today’s problem, if you do have it, there is a simple one click solution – apparently the problem is to do with AdBlock, a popular extension that does what it says on the tin, the browser extension removes advertisements from websites. if you either disable AdBlock or use the pause function, the site’s original functionality will be restored.

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YouTube does make an astonishing amount of money from advertising revenue, so it’s not really clear whether this is an intentional middle finger to AdBlock users, or just an oversight or mishap on the part of the independent developer of AdBlock.

Hopefully a fix will arrive from the developer soon, but unfortunately until then YouTube will only be available with adverts on it. We will report on any further issues or announcements relevant to this topic if they arrive.

Via: Down Detector 

AdBlock Can be Downloaded Here (Chrome/Firefox)