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Demand Skyrockets for Final iPod Classic

Production of the iPod Classic was finally brought to a finish earlier this year, as Apple have decided to focus on the admittedly more modern and innovative iPod Touch and the iPhone.

However, the final version of the iPod Classic is now swiftly becoming a collectors item, with buyers online paying much higher amounts for the model, the last in a long line of Steve Jobs-pioneered MP3 players.

The 160GB model, which manages to store twice the amount of stuff than any other iPod out right now, has been commanding a high price online, going for up to a staggering £670 on, and eBay is also seeing a massive hype in prices and sales of the 2010 device.

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Tim Cook, CEO of Apple said that sadly the iPod Classic had to be wrapped up due to a lack of access to components featured within the device – a redesign from the ground up would no doubt be costly, both to Apple and customers. this doesn’t rule out the chance of a revival some years down the line, but that’s purely speculation on our behalf.

Where It began: The very first iPod, or iPod Classic, model featuring the click wheel and the early black and white screen.

However, the demand for iPod classic models is still there – the device is robust and manages to stay in working condition far longer than more modern Apple portable products, such as legacy iPhone models. The mechanical click wheel is a very popular feature even today.

The market for retro, outdated or discontinued models of tech products is blooming, which is both quite amusing and extraordinarily helpful for tech companies. The more legacy models sold, the better companies can understand which discontinued features are the most missed.

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As for the 7th gen iPod Classic, price tags are most likely to balloon following this well-publicised piece of news – best get one now if you’re interested, as they’re selling out fast… If you’re desperate, why not ask someone you know if they’ll sell theirs on to you, they may not have heard of the demand yet. Yes it’s cheeky, but who knows, you may catch a bargain.

Via: The Guardian

Via: 9to5Mac