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E2Vids: Nintendo 3DS Review

Our good friends at have provided us with one of their latest videos which is a review of the Nintendo 3DS, which they offer FREE with contract mobile phones.

Something slightly different from the e2vids team this week, Matt gets to have some fun with the new Nintendo 3DS! The Nintendo 3DS is a dual screen, portable 3D games console that is the ultimate in handheld entertainment.

The guys will run you through what’s cool and possibly what’s not on the console and will show off some of the new features of the Nintendo 3DS.

Matt takes you through the design, features and also lets you in on a little secret… You can get hold of a Nintendo 3DS absolutely free as part of a contract phone deal. Watch the video to check out the 3DS in action and click the link below to buy or read more.

The Nintendo 3DS is the next big release in the exciting world of video gaming! The 3DS brings with it full 3D gameplay, an adjustable 3D depth slider, backwards compatibility with older DS titles and even 2 outward facing cameras enabling 3D photography!

Nintendo 3DS’s key features include:

  • 10% larger upper screen than Nintendo DSi (this is also the 3D screen)
  • Analogue circle pad which acts as a precise and accurate joystick
  • 3D depth slider, to adjust the level of 3D to your        preference
  • Built in accelerometer and gyroscope for motion gaming
  • One inner camera for self-portrait shots and two outward facing cameras enabling 3D photography!
  • Micro SD memory card slot for upgrading your storage space

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