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E3 2011 Nintendo reveals the Wii U.

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Well it has been a long wait for Nintendo to come out and release their next gen console and the Wii U is an interesting one.

It’s the concept started on the Nintendo DS with the duel screens and puts it to the big time offering a true duel screen experience on a home console.

The main focus of Nintendo’s E3 Conference on the Wii U was the controller, what you can do with it examples of how the gameplay will work but not showcasing any actual games unfortunately, the controller itself can work in a variety of different ways with your main screen acting as a second screen ( Nintendo DS similarities), as a standalone handheld playing mini games on the controller alone, or streaming of the full consol game straight to the handheld instead of the TV allowing seamless transfer from the TV to the controller never interrupting the game play.

there was however a lot of third party support for the Wii U with games such as Battlefield, Batman Arkham city, Teken and others, as well as first party games like Super smash bros, Zelda and Starfox was also rumored.

The Wii U is not just the controller it is a new consol too, the original Wii just does not have the power to show some of the amazing graphics shown at the E3 demo for example footage of a bird flying around a landscape showing what the full power of the console had to offer.

Nintendo are still going for the casual gamer as main selling point for the Wii U but they are hoping the possibilities the games developers see for their hardcore games will be enough to entice more of the hardcore gaming community.

Nintendo did not actually show the consol itself but over at pictures of the controller and consol together have shown up.

So there we have it the big announcement of E3 2011, is Nintendo’s next gen console enough to sway the hardcore games back to Nintendo, or is it going to be a high quality Wii that is going to be a hit with the casual gamer once again. I can only think price will have something to do with that, and unfortunately Nintendo failed to release any price estimates, just as they failed to give any solid specifications of the consol itself.

In conclusion the waiting game continues, how powerful will the Wii U be, will Nintendo get back some of the hardcore gamers that it must be missing. Only time will tell and due to the 2012 release we still have a while to wait for the answers