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E3 2011: Sony unveil 24″ 3D gaming monitor and glasses combo

A 3D monitor and active-shutter 3D glasses combo has been unveiled by Sony at the E3 conference in L.A. The troubled tech and entertainment company appeared at the opening day of the E3 Conference in L.A – to make amends for the issues caused by the Playstation hacking and outage and, of course, show off some new hardware including new portable PS Vita as well as this surprise announcement of a really big push into the 3D gaming market.

The announcement by Sony showed off a new 24-inch 3D-capable monitor and glasses for Playstation 3 gamers which Sony hope will kick start the 3D revolution for the company when 3D titles such as Uncharted 3, Resistance 3 (this title will come in the package) and yet to be named titles which will begin appearing towards the end of the year.

The 24-inch 3D-enabled monitor will come along with one set of the glasses, 6-foot HDMI cable and a copy of Resistance 3 for $499.99 – little over £300 British Pounds. A steep investment and bear in mind most of us want to play with a pal so another set of the specs will weigh in at $69.99.

The benefits will pay off for the serious gamer willing to pony up the eye-popping fee for 3D with the package delivering a multiplayer experience like no other. Gone are the old split screens and each player will have his or her own unique full screen view, depending on their vantage point. One 3D monitor, two sets of glasses, two players – equals two individual full-screen views.

Get your mates around for this one. But maybe get them to pay for their own goggles!

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