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E3 2013: Sony PlayStation Press Conference – PS4 Console is Revealed!

Microsoft got this year’s E3 expo off to a flying start announcing a string of stunning games and revealing some more about it’s new Xbox One console. What would Sony’s response be at its own press conference? And most importantly would we finally get to see that elusive PS4 hardware? The answer is yes – that, and much more.. Read on!

After an eye-blistering blitz of opening graphics and gaming footage Sony President and CEO Jack Tretton took to the stage, welcoming the fans, some of whom had been queuing for this since Friday. Trenton talked about the exciting time for gamers and the reveal of PS4 back in February and today marks a ‘birthday and Christmas all in one’. He reminds us of the existing PlayStation products, the PS3 which the CEO claims will receive it’s best line-up of games in it’s 7 years in service and PS Vita, that is a crucial part of the PlayStation eco-system which will work harmoniously with PS4.


The PS Vita is reaching it’s second year, and with 125 games available to buy and 650 in total including those downloadable Tretton suggests that each owner of the handheld has purchased at least ten titles. He reaffirms that the ‘Vita vision’ is in the rich gameplay, not found on any other portable and he emphasises the dual sticks and uniqueness of the platform.

80 new titles are said to be released this year, including Batman Arkham Origin, Counter Spy, Destiny of Spirits, Doku Doku Universe, Killzone Mercenary, Tearaway and remastered versions of God of War 1 &2 HD as well as Final Fantasy X, Flower, and Dead Nation all coming soon. Telltale’s popular Walking Dead series will become available as an exclusive bundle with the whole first season and a new title, ”400 days”. A new library of games will be accessible over WiFi when the PS Vita links to the PS4 as a perfect companion device, working together with communtion apps such as Skype and entertainment apps the likes of Youtube and Netflix.


Sony’s commitment to PS3 also remains strong, promising the best offerings yet, to come this year including titles – The Last of Us, Puppeteer, Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls – which features Ellen Page and Wilem Dafoe, and Gran Turismo 6 with GT Academy mode returning.

Batman: Arkham Origins gets a good showing and looks damn good, revolving around Black Mask’s plot to kill the bat as familiar foes return, with Bane and Joker appearing in the new promo footage and the game releaseing on 10.25.13 from Warner Bros. with content exclusive to PS3 including Knight Fall and 60s Batman skins.

GTA 5 is announced as coming with an exclusive bundle on 17th of October, complete with Elite headset only found on PS3 through Sony’s strong partnership with Rockstar – more news on this is coming in the next few weeks.


Then onto the moment we’ve been waiting for – PS4 time! An ‘immersive and innovative’ platform on which the PlayStation vision will be built. Focused on the gamers, with partnerships with developers ‘building worlds without boundaries’.

Andrew House, VP and Group CEO speaks of the new PS4’s unparalleled power, with social connection, cloud and a system archetecture capable of any developer and a product design which is sleek, visually impactual and stylish wherever it’s placed. And it looks just that – dare we say, it’s quite comparable to the Xbox One on first glance. Then you see it from the side, and it’s one attractive looking wedge of hardware.


Sony promises this to be a completely new platform, a new PlayStation with breakthrough content, media services which are relevant to gamers interests, capitalising on Sony’s entertainment brands, such as Music Unlimited and Sony Pictures through the PlayStation Network. These will provide specifically selected content that gamers will love. Driving success, with new programming with exclusive content.

As for the games, Sony emphasises it’s passion for breakthrough gaming discussing the new titles which have been in the works over the past few years for the new PS4 console with 14 in house studios working on numerous titles, many of which we got to see up close and personal. These including the visually stunning The Order 1886, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Drive Club, Infamous: Second Son and Knack, most of which are confirmed for release day availability alongside the PS4 console. We were also treated to a humourous teaser for fantasy title The Dark Sorcerer from Quantic Dream.

Sony will pride itself on supporting developers both big a small, and with that in mind launches it’s Indie section of the PlayStation Store offering developers the chance to slef publish their own titles and welcome developers such as Clay Entertainment, Tribute Games, Young Horses, Switchblade Monkeys and Ragtag Studios on board to share their offerings.

The big guns were also on display, with the announcement that Blizard will be bringing Diablo III to both PS3 and PS4 with exclusive PlayStation related items available in game. And Square Enix reveal more of Final Fantasy XV and Disney/fantasy crossover Kingdom Hearts III.

We’re also treated to playthrough demos of Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Watch Dogs.

The Gadget Helpline has just broken the surface of this exciting press conference and will fill in more details about these exciting new games, and of course more visuals of that brand new PlayStation 4 console as official shots become released!