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E3 2016: Prey Returns

At E3 this year Bethesda turned our attention to a new game coming from Arkane studios, Prey. Some of you may remember a game from 2006 with the same title. It’s the same franchise, it’s actually a reboot.

The game seems to feature a new protagonist and a completely new story, at this stage it doesn’t look like the original game has much in the way of influence.

Set aboard a space station in 2032 the game seems to revolve around the consequences of an experiment to change humanity forever, whether this is what gives the character his “mind bending abilities” to quote Raphael Colantonio, the representative for Arkane Studios.

Prey’s protagonist, in all his red eyed glory

There isn’t much information about the game hidden in the trailer. A brief glimpse at the alien forces having seized the space station, shadowy, sinister creatures that seem to move in a rapid teleporting style. Again, we didn’t learn much about them.

We got scattered shots of combat, the protagonist firing what appeared to be a shotgun at the invaders, and honestly, that’s about it. It’s briefly hinted at right at the start that there may be a recurring time theme. Potentially a time loop, but with so little information it would be unwise to speculate.

Whether the gravity affecting gameplay or Native American influence from the first game will make an appearance is something we’ll have to let time show us. Bethesda and Arkane were tight lipped on the information, simply stating that there will be more information at Quakecon in August.