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EA Games Clarifies it WILL Still Publish for Wii U (But favours PS4 and Xbox One)

Just a few days ago it was suggested that EA Games (Electronic Arts) would cease developing titles for the Wii U. This followed the devastating news that the company is withdrawing any future Nintendo launches in the Star Wars and FIFA franchises, of which it owns the publishing rights.

That much may be true, but it was also insinuated by the source that EA would be completely forsaking Nintendo – a 30 year gaming veteran – in favour of more ‘capable’ platforms including the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, as well as future consoles – the PS4 and newly revealed Xbox One. This might not be so true, as EA Games has been quick to clear up in another statement.

Blake Jorgensen, CFO of EA Games, tells games site Polygon that they “are building titles for the Nintendo console” but he confesses “not anywhere near as many as we are for PS or Xbox”. He also does not reveal which future titles we can expect on the Wii U.

Will Battlefield 4 make it to Wii U?

The CFO emphasises the clear differences in capability between the Wii U and its incoming rivals PS4 and XBO, which was the deciding factor in removing Star Wars from the Nintendo catalogue. Jorgensen feels that recently announced additions to the Sony and Microsoft product ranges are merely an ‘extension’ of their last consoles.

EA came out in the corner of Xbox One when it was revealed last night with FIFA 14, NBA LIVE 2014, Madden NFL and Battlefield 4 and more announced for the next gen console, whereas the company’s commitment to Wii U still seems to be on thin ice.

Gadget Helpline will keep the EA Games/Nintendo story updated as well as delivering all the latest on that exciting new Xbox One release.