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Xbox One up for UK pre-order at GAME and Blockbuster now

Well the Xbox One is finally out of the bag and to say we are excited is a little bit of an understatement, but now that the information is loose our thoughts turn to when we can get our hands (and bodies, thanks to Kinect 2.0) on the latest Microsoft console.

We have been told that the Xbox One will be released in 2013, which whilst somewhat vague does limit the console’s release to a smaller timescale. We expect the new console to go on sale across the US and Europe in Q4 of this year with November looking to be the best point for Microsoft to garner those all important Christmas sales.

The elusive release date however has not stopped UK retailers Block buster and GAME – both of which have had recent financial troubles – from putting the next gen consoles up for pre-order online on both their websites.

To pre-order you will need to put down a £20 deposit on the currently unpriced Xbox One, but with the demand for the console guaranteed to be high it might be worthwhile getting in now at either GAME or Blockbuster to secure your purchase.

Zavvi has also got in on the act and has actually put a price tag on the console – £399. It’s not yet clear if this will be the final price of the One, but unlike Blockbuster and GAME, Zavvi expects you to pay the price up front to secure your console on release day.

The Xbox One was announced yesterday at the official press release and is looking set to be yet another entertainment revolution which focuses on television, music and apps as much as it does on gaming.

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What’s more, you can also read about the Xbox One’s pre-owned games issues here, which will directly affect both GAME and Blockbuster as it seems Microsoft will be implementing some big changes that will impact the way that games are re-sold across the world.