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EA Sport’s FIFA 15 – What has changed since Fifa 14?

Fifa 15 is finally out (as of the 26th of September in the UK) and has been out long enough for us to give it a proper go… As expected the game is a lot like Fifa 14 even though this is the 1st truly next generation installment of the popular football series.

Some of the players look a bit odd rather than exact replicas of their real life counterparts and there are still those funny little glitches that sometimes occur but all in all it is a much more attractive game. For example, crowd animation is significantly better – with the crowds moving in a less repetitive manner and generally just looking more life like, at points it’s like watching football on Sky which, lets be honest, is what EA aim for.

In addition to this all of the pre-match stuff (which none of us really watch anyway) is so much better – the look of water on the pitch and rain itself looking much better.

But who cares about what it looks like? Realistically the accuracy of player statistics is far more important, and this completely fascinates me in this 2015 rendition of Fifa. For example, Luis Suarez… remember he decided it would be a nice idea to eat Giorgio Chiellini and get himself a ban from anything football related for a while? This is evident in the game as Suarez starts with a ban (which you will be aware of if you elect to play as Barcelona)! How fantastic! In fact, searching in Ultimate Team bring back no results for poor Luis! Being a Liverpool fan this amused me thoroughly.

Although player statistics, accuracy of their skills and real life bans are important in terms of making the game seem real and more genuine, the most important things is obviously gameplay. I may not be the best person to write about this particular aspect of the game (as much as I love computer games and football) I am completely awful at Fifa – and I really mean awful.

Anyway, the gameplay is an improvement on previous Fifa games with a steady improvement with each re-imagination – teamed up with the graphics improvements since the 2014 edition of Fifa, the introduction of players ‘emotional intelligence’ (basically means they get cross with the referee) and the fact the player control has become more accurate and measured the game is truly a pleasure to play. Part of the play improvement is how easy it is to foul when there is a tangle of legs and that the fouls are just more realistic. Depending on the momentum of the player and the how/where the foul takes place really effects the animation of the incident.

The icing on the cake: Hearing your own team’s chants. Playing in Anfield and hearing YNWA, awesome addition to the game (sorry to use Liverpool as an example again).

You can pickup FIFA 15 online from GAME and other retailers.

Have you played Fifa yet? Did you get I on launch day? Tell us what you think of the game!

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