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EE offering BlackBerry Bold 9900 users free upgrades to 4G and BlackBerry Z10

UK network EE is encouraging current BlackBerry owners to switch to the latest BlackBerry Z10 smartphone and make the most of its speedy 4G networks by offering free upgrades, if you currently own a BlackBerry Bold 9900.

Orange and T-Mobile customers with a BlackBerry Bold 9900 can upgrade to the latest Z10 on EE for no extra cost, which is an incredible deal if you ask us. Provided you’ve not started a contract within the last 14 days, EE will allow you to terminate your current contract and start a new one on its 4G network, with the new BlackBerry Z10 coming free.

It’s not just the Bold 9900 that’s eligible for the offer either – if you’ve got an iPhone 4S, Galaxy SIII or HTC One X on Orange or T-Mobile you can also upgrade to a Z10 on EE for free. With all new EE contracts you’ll be required to pay for the phone outright, ranging from £29.99 through to £199.99, so you’ll be getting quite a saving if you go for one of the lower tariffs.

The offer is valid only at EE retail stores and until April 30th, and from what we can tell you can keep your current phone, start a new contract on EE and walk out with a free BlackBerry Z10 – not bad.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure you get EE coverage in your area before making the jump. It’ll also be worthwhile seeing if their 4G network covers your area, as it’s not everywhere just yet.

The other downside is EE’s tariffs, which are most likely going to be pricier each month than your current contract. The lowest monthly tariff is £31 per month, which gets you just 500MB of data, along with unlimited calls and texts.

You can read more about EE’s new deal here.