Sony Launches PlayStation Meeting Mini-site with Retrospective ‘Evolution’ Videos Ahead of PS4

We think it’s now safe to say that Sony has confirmed the PlayStation Meeting in New York this Wednesday will be focused on the launch of a new home console, by releasing a trilogy of video clips showcasing the previous generations of its PlayStation gaming platform.

The official PlayStation Meeting mini-site has been updated with series of videos charting the launch and rise of the original 1994 PlayStation (or PSOne as it was retrospectively renamed), PlayStation 2 launched in 2000 and current model PS3, which went on sale in 2006.

The highlight reels follow all three consoles through the brand’s history, including the ravenous crowds of gamers awaiting the arrival of Sony’s consoles in the stores to footage of numberless units being shipped around the globe, and with hardware and software highlights showing the full ‘Evolution’ of PlayStation.

This is a slick campaign to build hype for the new PlayStation 4 and offers a nostalgia-inspiring glance back for those who have been fans from the beginning. We’re hoping that those fans will be rewarded when Sony reveals details of the PlayStation’s future when the console, which has been shrouded in secrecy, finally takes centre stage on February 20th.

Until then, we can all enjoy a trip down memory lane with these PlayStation ‘Evolution’ clips and to get you started we’ve linked the first one here, which looks back at the original PlayStation. We’d encourage you to seek out the rest at

As an amusing footnote, heading into its big event this week Sony recently took a swipe at Nintendo, posting around online adverts for it’s PlayStation Meeting website declaring,

“Oh, Yay, Another Mario Game.” Step up to PlayStation 2/20 – Ouch!