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EE reveals new 20GB 4G phone and SIM-only tariffs for the super user

EE has launched a brand new price plan that should suit even the biggest mobile internet fiends out there, offering a whopping 20GB of usage per month.

The new plan will be available both with a 4G smartphone and as a SIM free deal, if you’re fortunate enough to already own a 4G device, although as you might expect, it’s going to cost you.

If you want to take out a 4G phone, such as the excellent Galaxy SIII LTE, with 20GB, then expect to pay upwards of £76 per month – ouch. For just an EE SIM and the 20GB tariff you’ll be paying from £61 per month.

As an incentive EE is offering a respectable £15 per month discount on these tariffs for users who sign up before February 28th. With this discount, the cheapest price you can bag yourself 20GB of 4G data for is £46 per month, if you opt for a 12 month SIM only contract.

The 20GB plan replaces EE’s 8GB per month plan as the best offering for those who use and abuse mobile internet on their devices. It’s an awful lot to get through per month and we’d think very few people will need anywhere near this much within 30 days – we’ve tried and tried and have managed to use 5GB tops in a month!

However, if you’ve not got home broadband it’s a good option to use with a compatible mobile broadband dongle or MiFi device, along with a 4G smartphone or tablet.

Asides from huge data allowances, EE is also trying to make 4G more affordable at the other end of the scale. Until March, £31 per month will get you 500MB of data and either the Nokia Lumia 820 or the HTC One SV for a one-off price of £29.99 – both are excellent 4G phones.