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Energizer iSurge charger keeps any gadget going.. and going..

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The battery co. behind the bunny ads is back – Energiser have been largely missing in action as tech evolved to no longer really need disposable cell batteries, but they’ll be resurfacing this October with this very intriguing multi-gadget charging dock, called the iSurge Travel Charging Station.


Plugging into one of your household sockets, the iSurge will become a one-stop dock for all device and tech charging needs. Cramming in 2 USB ports, suitable a range of items from HTC mobiles to Apple iPads, as well as a 30 pin connector slot for your iPhone or iPod and triple AC sockets for laptops – despite the hub’s slightly misinforming name, all ports are surge protected.

Energizer’s innovative gadget charger also swivels 180 degrees, providing easy access to all its ports and even a usefully integrated night light in the base for connecting drained devices in the middle of the night, after a lengthy session on the Angry Birds!

The iSurge Travel Charging Station drops in the States in October for $60.

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