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Five essential iPad Mini accessories

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The world of the iPad Mini accessory market is a fast-moving one. In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the most recently released accessories for the iPad Mini, all of which have been made available in the month of February. Let’s get right into it!

5. BodyGuardz iPad Mini Full Body Protector

What if you want to protect your iPad Mini from the inevitable scratches that’ll result from every day use, yet you don’t want the hassle and weight of a full size case? You grab a full body protector, like this one from BodyGuardz. In the same way that screen protectors protect the display, these protect the whole chassis to prevent scratches and keep your iPad Mini looking as good as the day it came out the box.

4. Ellipse e-Kit Universal Stand

Ellipse’s iPad Mini stand will keep your tablet at a convenient angle, ensuring that you can view incoming notifications, watch films and play games without needing to hold up your iPad Mini yourself. The Ellipse works as a universal stand too, ensuring that you can also use it with other smartphones or tablets to the same great effect. The light and sleek design ensures that it’s highly portable, so take it anywhere you need to.

3. ZaggFolio iPad Mini Case with Bluetooth Keyboard

This is a unique iPad Mini case that integrates a Bluetooth keyboard, allowing you to mix a standalone keyboard and the traditional touch controls for the best of both worlds. If you spend a lot of time typing emails or writing articles on your iPad Mini then a Bluetooth keyboard is essential – and why not get one that integrates seamlessly into your protective case too?

2. Kensington PowerBolt 3400 MA Dual Car Charger with Lightning Cable

This is the essential iPad Mini car charger, offering a massive 3.4 Amps of power. That allows you to charge the iPad Mini at full speed while also allowing a second device – a smartphone, Bluetooth headset or e-Reader – to also be charged at full speed. This kind of power is unmatched in car charging circles, and combined with a sleek design and bundled Lightning cable makes a strong choice for iPad Mini owners.

1. TwelveSouth BookBook Case and Stand

This beautiful case protects and disguises, turning your iPad Mini into a beautiful leather book. It makes your iPad Mini harder for thieves to target as well as offering good protection from scratches and impacts. The case includes an integrated stand too, ensuring that you can watch videos and play games at a convenient angle. A premium iPad Mini case option that won’t disappoint.


And that just about does it – five essential iPad Mini accessories from the month of February. Do you have a favourite accessory for your iPad Mini that you feel should be on our list?