EXCLUSIVE: Pictures of BlackBerry Z10 in White

Well, well, well. What do we have here? Pictures of the BlackBerry Z10 in white have made their way to us, showing the sleek all-touch BlackBerry 10 handset in all its glory.

We’ve seen the black version of the Z10 a few times already but it seems the white variant – which we know to exist from leaked promotional material – has been rather elusive. However, thanks to our tipster, who wishes to remain anonymous, we’ve finally got something clear to look at.

The black 4.2-inch HD display, classic BlackBerry logo on the back and the silver volume, power and hardware button break up the clean white finish nicely and we’re big fans of the dimpled finish on the back of the phone.

Interestingly, the raised button that sits between the volume up and down buttons on the right edge of the phone isn’t for the camera as you’d expect – our source tells us this button launches the Voice Control app, which is the BlackBerry equivalent of Siri. From here you can send a text, make a call, search the web, send a BBM, add a calendar appointment and more.

If we’re being honest, we much prefer the white finish to the black, which is something we’ve not been able to say for previous white variants of BlackBerry handsets – we found their finishes too glossy and sort of tacky.

Our source tells us from a brief hands-on with the phone that it’s fast and slick, with the new Camera app and ‘rewind’ feature high up on the ‘cool’ list.

With just three days to go until the global launch of BlackBerry 10 and the Z10 phone, we’re hoping to grab some more snippets of information to bring you before RIM’s big plan explodes. Stay tuned!