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OUYA changes controller for Android console after developer feedback

There has been a lot of positive talk about the forthcoming OUYA Android-based gaming system that originally hit the headlines thanks to a massive Kickstarter campaign which saw the company secure over $8.6 million in funding back in August of 2012, but after months of positive feedback it appears the company behind it is taking one negative and looking to turn it around.

The OUYA console has been released to developers for almost a month now and in this time reports have come back with many being left dissatisfied by the controller that comes with the Android console. So, using the feedback it’s got from developers, OUYA is now looking to implement some big changes to the controller to resolve the issues which have been raised.

One of the biggest changes is that the directional pad will be changed from a flat disc, with the OUYA team changing the design to more conventional d-pad style layout, as you would see on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Additionally, other changes have been made such as the thumb sticks, which have been given rubberised tops for better traction and grip. The touchpad has also been made more responsive, while the shoulder triggers have been repositioned to be a little bit more in the body of the controller. Finally, the battery door has been made to fit more tightly.

What this shows is that OUYA is definitely open to changes and will also do what it can to offer the best product for the console’s release. This is all the more shocking as the console is set to start shipping in March for US customers – changes this late in the game can be hazardous.

When the console is released it will be sold via the OUYA website and as an exclusive with for the initial release, although it may be worthwhile for UK customers to order the console direct from the OUYA website as it will still work out under £100 with its $99 (£61.60) plus $20 (£12.44) shipping fee, totalling under £75.