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Facebook bringing free VoIP calling to iPhone users with Messenger

Facebook has introduced a rather exciting and useful feature in its latest update to Messenger; completely free voice calls.

The new update to the standalone Messenger app for iPhone will offer the ability to make a free voice call using your internet connection, thus alleviating the need to use up your allowance of minutes or topped-up credit.

Unfortunately for the time being the feature is only available if you’re in the US and have an iPhone with the latest version of the Facebook Messenger app installed. You’ll also only be able to call others who have the latest version of the app, which makes sense really. Provided you have a WiFi or cellular data connection on your iPhone, you’ll be able to make a call.

Asides from the current limitations, the new option looks set to become huge. Users will be able to make completely free calls to other Facebook users anywhere in the world in the future, which could in turn draw more people to sign up for the social network just for free calls.

Engadget has tried out the new feature already and has praised its extremely good call quality, which it claims is as good as using a landline. Unfortunately it seems there are also some shortcomings, such as a poor notification system for incoming calls.

Whilst it’s a shame that the service is currently only available in the US and to iPhone users, we can expect Facebook to start the rollout to other countries very soon, and Android shouldn’t be far behind.

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