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Facebook Messenger For Windows Beta Begins

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Facebook have made a limited release of its Windows-based popular messenger client, which allows users to communicate with their friends from outside the social network.

Its been a big hit with Facebook’s users and it’s good to see that its made the jump to Windows. It’s being tested with a “small group of people” but if you’re desperate you can download it directly from the Facebook page here.

“Messenger is a Windows is a new, trial application that lets you use Facebook without being on,” declared Facebook.

“While you surf the web or use other applications on your computer, you can chat and message with your friends on Facebook, see the latest updates from your friends in ticker and get quick notifications about what’s going on,” the explanation continues.

“We’re testing out a first version of the app with a small group of people. During this trial period, we plan on rolling out changes to the app and expect outages and periods of instability as we make improvements.”

Facebook’s main source of income is from targeted ads, so it does seem odd that they would want to see more users out of the grasp of those pesky adverts – but it will be interesting to see if a client is popular concept. Especially, as it is going head to head with the likes of Microsoft’s well-established instant messenging client.

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