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Facebook Goes Offline Temporarily

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If the fact that Facebook shares have seen a sharp fall isn’t bad enough for the company, the social networking site suffered severe service disruption today which meant that users were unable to access their profile for an estimated two hours.

Users have reported that when trying to access the Facebook site, some couldn’t get the site to load at all, while others were reporting that the site was extremely slow, making it unusable. So in order to vent their frustrations, users resorted to using Twitter in order to let their feelings be known. One user tweeted “Facebook is acting like its stock. It keeps going down”.

Websites such as Downrightnow and also Downforeveryoneorjustme reported that the Facebook site was intermittently available for a period of several hours.

Now, although this could happen to any website on the internet, the popularity of the site means that users expect it to be available 24/7, and to be fair to Facebook, they have actually got a good track record for reliability.

In a statement Facebook said that some of its users “briefly experienced issues loading the site” but assured that the issue(s), whatever they were, have now been resolved and users will now be able to use the site as normal.

Facebook is still very much under the spotlight after the company’s disappointing IPO stock listing on the 18th May. Since then Facebook shares have plummeted nearly 23 percent from its original price, and after its first-day trading glitches, the company is also facing a number of lawsuits to deal with too.

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