Facebook & Spotify to launch free streaming music on social network this August

A Facebook / Spotify partnership has been confirmed after we reported recently that a deal was in discussion. The team-up will allow a free streaming music service to hit the Social Network – with other names in the online music industry set to tune in to the service in time for a launch as early as August.

Spotify has confirmed the union which will see it’s own digital music libraries and services like it link through Facebook Connect, via a new tab which will appear in the left-hand column along with “Photos” and “Groups”. Clicking the tab will open a personal dashboard with playlists and new music to be discovered as well as incorporating the obvious social element.

In addition to playing songs, track selection and all the familiar controls in a handy panel on the interface, music-lovers will be able to see what friends are listening to, suggesting songs – similar to the friend suggestion feature – and also sharing your top tunes with mates online.

Whether a different tab for each service will be required (like the annoying variety of gaming apps which appear) or if this will unite Spotify and other services joining in one “hub” has not been specified. We don’t have long to wait – Keep your ears open and we’ll bring you all the latest on Facebook Music!

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