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Facebook UK to launch 15 second Video Ad’s in June

Facebook has announced that its social media platform will become even more convoluted in the coming week, as Zuckerberg and co have confirmed that they will be introducing video adverts in the UK next month.

New 15-second-long clips will be coming to our News Feeds for the first time after a successful launch and trial in FB’s native North America. In total 7 countries, including: France, Germany, Brazil, Japan, Canada, Australia and the UK will all be launching the video ad’s in June.

Videos will appear muted until clicked on by the user, much like Facebook’s recent update form Mobile and websites where users post videos online.

Facebook will be looking to get the Video based ad feature across the globe in the next few months so that they can capitalise on the summer’s World Cup finals and the advertising opportunities it brings.

The actual adverts being presented will be based around Facebook’s familiar algorithm, and before going live all advertisements must pass an administered quality control test before appearing on News Feeds to ensure that the footage is of an acceptable quality.

However, for fans of an Add free platform, services such as FB Purity will hopefully adjust to the update ASAP and allow us to block any future Adverts on our feed.

Its clear to see why Facebook are always looking to expand on its Advertising, a s the companies advertising revenue expanded 82% year-over-year during the first quarter of 2014, helping it to its biggest revenue growth in three years.

Sadly, this growth comes at a cost to our feed.