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Faster Browsing Via Chrome – Now On Android

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Thanks to the lawsuit against Google, Russians are enjoying a faster browsing experience. This is due to the new widget that Google have developed as a consequence. This new widget is easy to install and gives you an option of which search engine to use. And strangely enough, the Chrome option is faster than the one you are currently using.

We were surprised ourselves here at Gadgethelpline so we quickly installed it to see if this is the case… It is!

Not just for Russia though, the great news is that every Android user can install this from the play store (link below).

This is the first time that Google has released the Dev version on Android. It is already available for Mac, Windows, Linux and ChromeOS.

How to install

Before you install, bear in mind that this is a the dev version so it may be prone to some reliability issues and the occasional crash. 

The “how?” is quite simple. All you need do is tap the icon below. In the new window, download it from the play store and tap install. Once this is done you can then add the widget to your screen. We have already removed the previous one as this seems a lot better. Oh yeah, did we mention it’s a lot quicker?

Considering the amount of times most people use the Google search widget, we envision people having a lot more time on their hands. Those milliseconds sure do add up…



Enjoy a faster browsing experience!