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Sailor Moon Phone by Meitu

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Meitu, the company famed for their selfie app, announced a new phone that is specifically loaded to give selfies to die for.  No ordinary phone, this one is loaded with the power of the moon, Sailor Moon to be exact!

The Sailor Moon version is actually a special edition of the Meitu T8.

The Meitu T8 specs are not amazing for the price, but, to be fair, you are getting a special edition phone that is 1 of 10,000 copies

Meitu’s also releasing the phone in other colors; blue, red, white, pink, plus a Hello Kitty Edition too!

The wand sitting next to the phone is telescopic and actually doubles as a selfie stick designed with the powers of the moon in mind.
Meitu are being quite shrewd with this design. What floats the boat for many is abundantly clear and Sailor Moon/Hello Kitty are definitely a safe bet.

Where’s the Gundam Wing version though?

In the name of the moon! I selfie you!

For an in depth review of the phone and apps follow this link