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Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 coming to PS4 and PS3

One of the surprise entrants in last night’s Sony E3 conference was the reveal by Square Enix that both the next instalment of the Final Fantasy franchise, Final Fantasy XV, and Kingdom Hearts 3 will both be coming to the Sony PlayStation 4 in the near future.

Square Enix debuted the footage of the crazy looking FF15 and then followed it up with a brief look at the Kingdom Hearts 3 game. Both are set be released next year and you can also pick up Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix in a new limited edition box from September this year.

The long talked about spin-off Final Fantasy Versus 13 has now officially become Final Fantasy 15. Whilst Final Fantasy XV was announced by Sony, it’s key to note that the game is not a PlayStation 4 exclusive as FF15 will also be landing on the PS3 as well, but the game will still be an exclusive to the Sony consoles. This is a massive departure from the last official FF instalment, which was available across Sony and Microsoft platforms.

From the trailer it looks like FF 15 will be a drastic move away from the previous games’ linear RPG state, as the frantic action adventure looks more akin to Devil May Cry than a Final Fantasy game. One thing that’s for sure is that the game footage shown looks stunning.

Kingdom Hearts 3 will be the first official instalment in the games franchise since 2006’s Kingdom Hearts 2 and with Disney’s recent acquisitions of Marvel Entertainment, Pixar, Studio Ghibli, and Lucasfilm, there will be a whole host of other Disney places and adventure to join in with.


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Check out the announcement below: