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Flickr App Updated on Apple iOS for iPhone and iPad, Introduces Hashtags

Yahoo! owned photo software Flickr has been updated on Apple’s mobile platform iOS and with a few routine tweaks to the general functionality comes the introduction of hashtagging for the very first time on the app.

Like fellow photo app Instagram, which adopted the trendy prefixes from Twitter, Flickr will now allow iPhone and iPad users to share their snaps socially and create subjects of popular interest by slapping a hash symbol (#) on the front of descriptive terms attached to their uploaded pictures.

Anything can be hashtagged to create a potential social buzz as well as help other users find pictures relevant to their interests in the same way Twitter and Instagram do. Flickr will also encourag its members to join its hashtag revolution in a weekly challenge called #FlickFriday.

As well as hashtags, the Flickr update for Apple iOS brings in custom filters for in app photo retouches and editing as well as access to shared interest groups (now aided by those hashtags) and a new layout for your personal photo feed is also a noticeable addition. Users will also be able to have greater control over who see and does not see their pictures with new security settings, addressing concerns many users have when making posts public online.

The Flickr update is now available on Apple iOS and the app can be downloaded for free through the App Store.