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The Future of Mobile Tech: Here’s what your smartphone will look like in the future

Each year, new smartphone releases continue to amaze us with their revolutionary features. As manufacturers aim to outdo their rivals with the “next big thing”, it’s a great time to be a consumer and experience mobile devices that push tech boundaries to new limits.

A glance into the prototypes and demos of today are great indicators of how mobile phone technology could evolve over the next 10-15 years. Though some of these features are already present on existing devices, their functionality and usage will become of greater significance as we step into the future. What will you be using next decade? The future of mobile phones is just around the corner…

Flexi Screens

Though they may not wobble like jelly, flexible displays offer a non-flat screen which is shaped by the manufacturer. Releases such as the Samsung Galaxy Round and LG G Flex are concave devices that are a better fit for the hand. The Samsung Youm prototype includes a screen over two sides of the phone; allowing one edge to display incoming notifications.

The true advantage of flexible screens will arrive with wearable tech, where a screen could be wrapped around an arm. The hotly rumoured Apple iWatch may allow you to have a large screen without appearing big and clunky. Flexible displays may also be the tech of choice to allow large screen smartphones to fold into more compact devices.

Built-in projectors

We’ve marvelled at the Samsung Galaxy Beam which included a built in projector within its frame but overall the device drank way too much battery juice for our liking. Projectors are a fantastic way to fit a large display within a small handset and are perfect for that movie night in. We’ve even seen prototypes of projector keyboards which let you type on your desk; quite the time saver if you’ve got that long email or essay to wrap up.

Wallet Replacement

Mobile phones are fast becoming our most essential item when we’re on the move. With advancements in Near Field Communications, it’s now possible to make a payment by tapping your smartphone onto a compatible till receiver. Whether mobile payments are adopted to the extent of Chip and Pin will ultimately depend on Apple including transactional tech within the iPhone. With the release of a fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5s, Apple may be adding in an essential step to enhance security and reassure users of a safe transaction when paying with their phone.

The future certainly looks bright when we review the tech of tomorrow. For more predictions, check out our scrolling parallax on the future of mobile phones.