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Gadget Fitness: Solos Cycling Glasses with Micro-Display

Solos Smart Cycling glasses, Statistics at a glance.

Solos takes the world’s smallest heads-up display and pairs it with best in class performance tracking, precision training tools, and tons of every day useful features. Whether you bike to work, you’re a weekend warrior, or professional athlete.” The Solos cycling glasses allow the user to synchronise with their smartphone over Bluetooth which then allows Solos eye wear to then connect to any other fitness device that connects to the phone through ANT+, all managed by the Solos App in which users can customize what will be displayed on the glasses, to me this sounds all too interesting.


Example of the HUD (source: solos)


Giving these glasses the ability to inform on an unprecedented amount of information including but not limited to current speed, heart rate, calories and even Distance/Elevation using BLE/ANT+ it also allows for so much more when tied to other gadgets, even enabling live competition allowing you to race against your previous rides and also including the ability to be making calls with the speaker/microphone system during rides, significantly reducing any down time see some examples of the stats that will be on display below.


Statistics! (Source: Solos)


Interestingly, the screen is also able to display other notifications for example, Caller I.D. The display itself can also be controlled via voice with the integrated microphone and the speakers which relay information i.e. audio alerts and performance queues.

The specifications given for the product offer: Up to six hours of battery life, High density Lithium Ion embedded in-frame. Dual Microphones and micro speakers, Trivex Polymer Lenses with UVA and UVB protection all part of the Military Grade material in which they come together

As of June 6th the project hit over 150% of their Kickstarter project goal and will be funded on Tuesday Jul 12th find out more about Solos smart glasses on the Kickstarter here or the Solos website. I look forward towards the end of the year when these will ship!

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