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The Gadget Helpline’s LoveFilm & Netflix Halloween Movie Picks

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But for most of us the parties don’t start until the weekend! So how do you plan to spend a spooky night in? Well, the Gadget Helpline has harvested some of the most terrifying titles across the UK’s two most popular streaming sites to present our pick of the finest frights on LoveFilm and Netflix.


EVIL DEAD (2013 – Rating 18+)

In this re-imagining of a cult classic teens travel to a cabin in the woods and after quoting from an ancient book (which just so happens to be the Book of the Dead) one by one they are possessed by a demonic force, limbs are severed and gore is shed in abundance. Much scepticism surrounded this reboot but we have to say it’s bloody good. However it’s also maybe best avoided if you have a weak stomach!

SCREAM (1996 – Rating 18+)

This is the one that resurrected the slasher genre in the mid-90s, thanks to the return of one of its pioneering directors, Wes Craven. Bringing humour and self-awareness to horror for the first time, and bringing killer ‘Ghostface’ to iconic status, Scream is a well-crafted and bloody murder mystery which references a number of genre classics and keeps you guessing till the very end!


John Landis’ masterpiece werewolf flick is a must watch for any horror fan and there’s no better time than Halloween to walk the moors and get bitten (or twice bitten) by this classic. Don’t let age fool you, this classic is timeless. There’s gore galore and the transformation scene by SFX genius Rick Baker will forever haunt you! Save the best till last.


HALLOWEEN H20 (1998 – Rating 18+)

This anniversary sequel brings the self-referencing and humour tones of the ‘post-Scream’ slasher movement and applies them to a classic. Twenty years after masked murderer Michael Myers originally stalked his teenage sister on Halloween night, he returns to find her in her new life but it’s not only her name that’s changed and this time she’s ready to put up a fight!

SPLINTER (2008 – Rating 18+)

If you’re growing dead bored of the zombie invasion flicks Splinter offers an imaginative and intelligent twist on an infectious outbreak. This one causes the virus to take control of a physical form, covering it in vicious-looking black spikes and manipulating it to feed and spread. Some shocking contortion scenes will make you wince and there are nods to body-horror classics like The Thing and Re-Animator but Splinter still makes for a refreshing and surprisingly cool indie film.

CARRIE (1976 – Rating 18+)

Reclusive Carrie White not only has to deal with brutal bullying at school but also abuse from an uber-religious mother but when a prom night prank takes it too far Carrie releases the full destructive potential of a hidden psychic gift. With a remake just a week away it’s the perfect time to check out this original!

V/H/S (2012 – Rating 18+)

Anthology horrors hadn’t really been touched on since the late 80s but with the trend of ‘found footage’ and handheld cameras becoming all the rage, V/H/S offers a cool collection of truly frightening and messed up mini films joined by a common supporting story. But it’s the segments themselves that will truly leave you haunted. We promise you’ll never forget your first time with Lily!

In addition to the movies Netflix also offers the exclusive series HEMLOCK GROVE (Rating 18+) which is an intriguing and bizarre thriller from horror creator Eli Roth. There are influences from Twin Peaks to Supernatural and some seriously sick scenes which are way too extreme for TV. Highly recommended if you want to continue your Halloween viewing into the small hours!

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Netflix is also available for a 30 day free trial and is £5.99 per month thereafter.

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