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Next Gadget security scare could be Android – 99% reportedly at risk

The next security scare with our gadgets could come from our Android Smartphones according to a report from tech news site The Register.

Research by the University of Ulm in Germany claims dodgy implementation of the protocol “ClientLogin” within the most versions of the Android operating system for mobiles could expose user account information, location and bank details to hackers through contacts, calendar, social apps and more when used in unprotected Wi-Fi spots such as cafés or your local pub.

The researchers say “After a user submits valid credentials for Google Calendar, Twitter, Facebook, or several other accounts, the programming interface retrieves an authentication token that is sent in cleartext. Because the authToken can be used for up to 14 days in any subsequent requests on the service, attackers can exploit them to gain unauthorized access to accounts.”

99% of Android platform users are apparently open to attack and impersonation when logging into their services on public wireless internet connections and only users of 2.3.4 or Android 3.x are currently safe – if not the German school advises users to remain on their 3G/4G connection when using those social apps away from home.

Google are aware of the security issues with the Android software and are expected to address the claims soon and issue the appropriate updates.

The reality of how unsafe our gadgets can be is frighteningly ever-growing. Let us know your thoughts and comments on this or any of our blog articles at our Official Gadget Helpline Facebook Page!

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Source: The Register