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Galaxy Note 5 Leak Shows Possible Dual Sim Variant

As with all leaks, there’s no reason to get too excited. With the image above, there’s not really any way to tell for definite that this is the upcoming and highly anticipated Note 5. The image isn’t exactly what we’d call “clear”. However, like many other tech fads out there we are going to run with the assumption that this is maybe the new Note 5.

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If the above image is true, it is extremely likely that the base model of the Note 5 will not come with a dual sim feature. The dual sim is likely to be an optional extra, which I’m sure a lot of people will be happy to pay a disproportionate amount of money to attain. I have long been an advocate of Samsung even after purchasing and being stuck with my abomination of an S4 mini but even this seems to be a bit of unwarranted hype. If you look closely at the image, you will see it’s not even that impressive. The “Sim2” tray is actually combined with the microSD slot, this means you will not be able to expand the internal storage and use a second SIM in the phablet.

It’s hardly surprising then that there are a number of reports that Samsung will reduce the specifications on any dual sim variant of the Note 5. It is likely that the Note 5 dual sim variant (or whatever this phone may actually turn out to be) will be targeted at emerging markets as dual sim seems to be the popular thing. In the established markets of Europe and America, the dual sim feature is generally not as well accepted or required. Luckily we tend to have mobile operators that generally give coverage that matches all areas, whose behaviours are also regulated by independent organizations so the need to vary ourselves between providers is diminished.

Personally, I am more interested in having an expansion slot for a microSD card. My main function for my phone is to text, make calls and stick a bucket-load of music on it to listen to as little as possible during my 10 minute commute to work. I also don’t see the point in making it an optional extra or an optional more expensive model. In the same way I don’t see the point in buying a car with optional spoiler, alloy wheels, suspension and decals. Oh wait, I did that. I’ll probably buy the Note 5 with optional features then.

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