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Ofcom Mobile Coverage Checker Goes Live

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The UK’s communications regulatory body OFCOM has launched a clever new service which allows businesses and private mobile owners to check signal quality across the major network providers.

The Mobile Coverage Checker has been made available to all and offers live online checks on 3G / 4G data network and voice call status with data sourced from EE, O2, Three and Vodafone and you can check the predicted status regardless of if you’re using your mobile indoors or outdoors with many mobile makes and models documented for their receptive capabilities.

When starting up OFCOM’s new tool a map of the whole UK will be presented on screen and users can navigate this by scrolling and zooming to a specific area where they might live, work or intend to visit to confirm service availability. Alternately a postcode or an address can be used to pin point an exact location and check service within a 100 metres radius. A data key will then appear confirming how reliable your signal should be.

The coverage checker is so well researched and that precise that it will also advise on whether there are any obstructions, man-made or natural, that could impair signal reception at your location. This can save a lot of time and frustration with the network provider if you’re unsure why you’re not getting a full service.

This is a work-in-progress and if you aren’t getting the result you’re looking for there are some handy FAQs featured and mobile users are encouraged to give their feedback on the coverage checker and this will be taken on board as the service goes forward and becomes more in-depth and developed over time.

You can give it a try right now at