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Samsung Galaxy Tab S Retail Pics Spotted Online

A lot has already been said about the upcoming Galaxy Tab S from Samsung. Not only specification rumors but also talk of other features, such as a fingerprint scanner, AMOLED screen, and an apparent lower mass, plus also a majorly slimmer design than the iPad Air.

Today websites have been posting some very interesting shots of the device, showing extraordinary features and design. These haven’t yet been confirmed but they do look very official, showing off some of the features previously rumored, such as the 10.5 inch display and dual front cameras.

For example, an image confirms the fingerprint scanner, showing an unlock and login screen and the user placing their finger over the oval-shaped object on the bottom half of the tablet. Again, this feature was previously leaked/rumoured,

Another two images seem to confirm the tablet’s size and weight, both of which actually trump the iPad air. The weight by just 4g and the overall slimness by around .9 of a mm. Fractionally smaller and lighter, but it’s still a win over Apple for Samsung.

Other images show the locations of the cameras, plus what looks like software applications. There appears to be a sync-to-pc feature on the tablet, plus a sync-to-phone option which appears to allow the user to take phone calls on the device.

Internals-wise, sources are saying the 10.5 inch Galaxy Tab S will include a 2560×1600 pixel screen, with an octa-core Exynos 5420 chip running the show. Rendering graphics will be courtesy of a Mali-T628 graphics chip, backed up by a healthy 3GB of RAM. Cameras included are apparently going to be one 8-megapixel rear and two 2.1-megapixel front cameras. Plus, there will be a standard option of 32GB of expandable storage.

Also on board is the brand new Android OS, Android 4.4.2. KitKat, which we covered on release. The OS is expected to be uploaded onto all android mobile devices by the end of the year, and potentially tablets too.

That’s just about all of the info we can get on the tablet, for now. A release date isn’t apparent as of yet but hopefully we’ll be able to find one in the near future. These images were leaked from a press release concerning the device, so we’re thinking sometime ‘soon’, hopefully closer to the end of June. Pre-orders should be available after the official release blurb, which comes out on the 12th of June.

Source: SamMobile