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GAME Stores to Roll Out Free Wi-Fi and App Featuring Reviews, Videos and Special Offers

Regular readers of the Gadget Helpline will probably recall the painful road to administration for U.K retailer GAME this past March with hundreds of store across the country quickly vacating and the chain narrowing dodging extinction when a new company was formed keeping a number of high street stockists open. It’s been a hard slog getting back on track but GAME and sibling company Gamestation (which is soon to merge with the GAME brand) have managed to snag themselves a few exclusives to help keep them alive including being the sole stockist of the cool White PS3 console and offering up pre-order bonuses for games such as the anticipated WWE 13.

Now GAME has grabbed another great deal in partnership with network BT allowing the 341 remaining stores to provide free wireless internet to customers – enticing them back through the doors and spending that still very much needed cash both in store and online for a multi-platform shopping experience.

To enhance the experience GAME will be rolling out its very own app which customers can hop onto with the free instore Wi-Fi to read reviews, check out screenshots and watch demos of a range of video games before buying. It’ll be worth logging onto your smartphone or tablet when visiting the shop as they will also be updating with exclusive special offers only available through the app.

Martin Gibbs of the newly formed Game Retail says in a statement “Just as in the music and home movie market, online has revolutionised the way we discover and access new video games. As a company we are constantly evolving, listening to our customers and adapting our approach to deliver for them.”

The service will land at GAME stores before the year is out meaning we’ll be hooked up to the latest and greatest games this Christmas including Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Assassin’s Creed 3 and the most up to date details on the new Nintendo console, the Wii U – unless of course you get all your crucial gaming info from the Gadget Helpline blog!

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