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Gaming Weekly – Batman Arkham City Pre-order Bonuses, Red Dead Free DLC and Resident Evil’s new Google ads

Batman Arkham City: UK Pre-Order Bonuses Explained

Pre-order bonuses are awesome. Free stuff is awesome. But it’s also confusing.

This year’s blockbuster AAA all-action super hero title, Batman Arkham City features a myriad of pre order bonuses, ranging from maps, to alternate Batman costumes to the inclusion of enduring sidekick Robin.

There are a whole bunch of retailers offering massively diverse deals, so here’s a quick rundown of what UK buyers should be on the lookout for when it’s time for some Batman.

Tesco UK:

Be on the lookout for the Joker, with Tesco’s offerings mainly clown flavoured. Pre-order the game on all platforms from the store’s website to snag yourself a redesigned Joker-themed ‘steel book’ metal game case featuring extra Joker art, as well as two new challenge maps, offering up to four hours of additional fun and games in the Joker’s carnival lair.

Pre-order here – PC / PS3 / XBOX 360

GAME and GameStation:

Both your favourite high-street outlets have teamed up for this one, and in the spirit of teamwork unleash Robin the Boy Wonder as a playable character as well as featuring his likeness on the game’s box.

Pre-order from either Game or GameStation to receive the redesigned Robin-flavoured box art, two challenge maps featuring Robin as the exclusive playable character and two different costumes for the character.

If steel book cases aren’t your bag, or you just plain love Robin, this is the biggest offer out there.

Pre-Order here and use the drop-down menu to select your format.

GAME – PC / PS3 / XBOX 360

GameStation – PC / PS3 / XBOX 360 

GameStop UK:

GameStop customers who pre-order the game will receive a futuristic ‘Batman Beyond’ Batsuit to proudly swagger in-game. It’s pretty damn cool.

Pre-Order here – PC / PS3 / XBOX 360

Those who pre-order from will receive a unique 1970’s-era Batsuit costume, but that’s not all, as at a slightly higher cost you can snag the Batsuit as well as a steel book case featuring villain Two-Face. Preview the 1970’s Batsuit here.

Pre-Order Here:
Steel Book Edition – PC / PS3 / XBOX 360
Regular Edition – PC / PS3 / XBOX 360

Blockbuster UK

Blockbuster is offering a steel book collector’s edition featuring the crazy-mad villain, The Penguin on XBOX 360 only. Not a pre-order bonus as such, but worth noticing. Additionally, rumour has it that Blockbuster may feature a Penguin-themed ‘Iceberg Lounge’ pre-order pack too, so watch this space.

Check it out here.


Resident Evil-Themed Google Ad Appears On YouTube – Evidence of New ARG?

A new ARG/Resident Evil advert has surfaced below the radar, apparently a mini quest to take down the evil Umbrella Corporation.

The site linked by the ad,, poses as a civilian front against the company, and uses clues apparently ‘spread around the internet’ in an attempt to disrupt operations of the company fictionally responsible for many, many zombies.

The main feature of the website is a cryptic video featuring a shadowy vlogger, who explains the situation in which his website was created and provides some details of how to get involved. I won’t spoil it for you, so go check it out.

On top of this the ARG says that there are apparently hidden objects within Raccoon City, and apparently will point to their locations in the upcoming game Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

The site also tells users that alone they won’t manage much, potentially pointing to additional content releasing based on the amount of people involved.

The ARG campaign also includes Facebook integrated features, puzzles to solve and rewards designed to enrich and enhance the player experience in the next Resident Evil game.

Anyway, there are all kinds of little nuggets of intrigue on the site at, so go check it out and get involved by either Googling Inserted Evil or clicking one of the ostentatious Umbrella-corp themed ads.


In 2027, Nobody Will Care What Jensen Does

That guy… is an a$$hole. SUCKER PUNCH!

New Red Dead DLC For Free This Month


Free DLC? Always welcome in my book, and this one’s for one of our all-time ultimate top-favourite games, Red Dead Redemption. The Myths and Mavericks bonus DLC pack is dropping in a few weeks, and adds some seriously cool dudes and deserted locations to the game’s multiplayer portion.

Come September 13th you’ll be seeing some of the men who really stomp the terra, such as Landon Ricketts and Javier Esquella, come straight out of the campaign into multiplayer. Additionally, a bank-robbed ‘$’ marked bag ‘o maps will be released, bringing some of the most iconic areas from Red Dead up to speed with multiplayer game modes.

Here’s the list from ‘Ol uncle Rockstar themselves. Enjoy.

Maps/Modes (bolded locations are brand new to multiplayer)
Cochinay – Gold Rush, Shootout, Gang Shootout, Stronghold
Nekoti Rock – Gold Rush, Shootout, Gang Shootout
El Presidio – Gold Rush, Shootout, Gang Shootout
Plainview – Gold Rush, Shootout, Gang Shootout
Gaptooth Mine – Shootout, Gang Shootout
Pike’s Basin – Shootout, Gang Shootout
Rio Bravo – Shootout, Gang Shootout
Perdido – Hold Your Own, Grab the Bag
Benedict Point – Hold Your Own, Grab the Bag
Beecher’s Hope – Stronghold
Torquemada – Stronghold
Armadillo – Stronghold
Chuparosa – Stronghold
Tumbleweed – Stronghold
New Multiplayer Characters
Landon Ricketts
Vicente DeSanta
Drew MacFarlane
Deputy Eli
Deputy Jonah
Javier Esquella

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