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Gaming Weekly – Gaming trailers Galore including Tomb Raider, Uncharted and Arkham Asylum

Awesome Videos of Awesome games coming at the Awesome E3!

Well its E3 next week which is pretty much nerd heaven on a yearly basis for us gamers and beacuse of this we have been seeing a string of new gaming videos pop up around the net, which makes us salivate at our future gaming!

So we are going to randomly spice up the Gaming weekly with a few of our fav vids that have come out. Awesomesauce!

AWESOME VID ONE – batman Arkham City


Witcher 2 Console Version Announced: PS3 Owners Left Out

The Witcher 2 has done fairly well recently, with the PC version of the game selling 400,000 copies in the first week if the words of publisher CD Projekt Red are anything to go by. However, the console version of the game has been the subject of debate and speculation by many gamers and critics alike.

Following CD Projekt Red’s recent Summer Conference, the developer has put rest to the speculation and confirmed that the game will arrive on at least one major console, the Xbox 360, so it seems that Playstation 3 owners will be left high and dry.

The developer has clearly stated that contrary to the norms of console migration, the Xbox version would be closer to an ‘adaptation’ of the original as opposed to a direct physical port. Graphics and visuals are promised to be close to or on par to the PC version and the console version will feature all of the current updates the PC version has benefitted from recently.

On the updates note, CD Projekt has also released new information on their latest v1.2 patch which includes a host of features such as key mapping, better targeting systems and a bunch of general features. Also included is the latest Witcher 2 DLC (It’s free by the way.) which allows you to restyle Geralt’s unkempt head of hair into a more manageable ‘do.

As for the Xbox version, a release date is still not fixed, but the studio has tentatively released a date of ‘by the end of the year’ for Xbox fans itching to get hold of the title.

AWESOME VID TWO – Tomb raider

Lara goes all grimey

Konami Re-Releasing MGS + ZoE Titles With All-New HD Graphics

After the critical acclaim of Metal Gear Solid 1 remake Twin Snakes and the upcoming MGS3 port to the new 3DS, Konami is continuing its remake campaign by bringing back MGS2 and MGS3 (again) and the critically acclaimed PSP title Peace Walker, along with the Zone of the Enders series too.

The remakes will be bundled in compilation format, one for each series, and feature updated graphics, art, audio and achievements. The Metal Gear Pack is due for a release this November, while the Zone of the Enders Pack will arrive in 2012. Both will also include a feature known as ‘Transfarring’ (No, not transferring with an accent, this is what it’s actually called.) which will allow players to transfer saved games between titles on a PSP (or potentially the upcoming NGP) and the Playstation 3.

There are a couple of more interesting sides to this information though. The packs are available on both the PS3 and the Xbox 360, which means for the first time ever we’ll be seeing Solid Snake on the Xbox, a rare sight indeed. Additionally, Peace Walker is a handheld PSP game, which is however really quite advanced for what it is. How it’ll transfer to the bigger consoles will be interesting to see.

On top of this, it’ll mean that players who already own MGS4 and a PS3 with PS1 backwards compatibility will be able to play the entire Metal Gear Solid series on their current gen console. Plans for a Silent Hill HD collection were also announced. Love it, thanks Konami.

AWESOME VID THREE – Uncharted 3 Hunters Mode Multiplayer Gameplay

‘Guitar Hero with a Real Guitar’ Title Rocksmith Boasts More New Songs before Release

If you have an electric guitar, you can play Rocksmith.

That’s the angle that Ubisoft’s new title boasts, the old-school music sim appeal we used to enjoy with waning (or dead) titles such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band, but with our own, familiar axe, no expensive plastic controller needed. All required is a quick attachment to the console’s USB device port and into your electric guitar, and apparently you’re rolling.

Ubi’s also adding a kickass lineup of bands and songs, new and old, for their title, a list that has in fact got slightly bigger, and we’ve got the entire list right here:

• Best Coast – When I’m With You
• Blur – Song 2
• The Black Keys – Next Girl
• The Boxer Rebellion – Step Out Of The Car
• Cream – Sunshine Of Your Love
• The Cribs – We Share The Same Skies
• The Cure – Boys Don’t Cry
• Jenny O – Well OK Honey
• Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama
• Nirvana – Breed
• Pixies – Where Is My Mind?
• Radiohead – High and Dry
• Red Fang – Number Thirteen
• The Rolling Stones – The Spider and the Fly
• Silversun Pickups – Panic Switch
• Soundgarden – Outshined
• Spoon – Me and The Bean
• Stone Temple Pilots – Vasoline
• Taddy Porter – Mean b*tch
• Titus Andronicus – A More Perfect Union
• White Denim – Burnished
• The White Stripes – Icky Thump
• Yellow Moon Band – Chimney

That’s an eclectic selection of musical perfection. You know it.

Rocksmith is scheduled for release this Autumn, priced at $80 in the US, with not much indication as to an EU/UK release. But to be honest, Ubisoft has always seemed to be consistent with their worldwide release schedule, and they are from France, so we’ll probably get it, eventually.