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Gaming weekly – MS Points, Pokemon race issues and Skyrim FTW

MS Points Generator Is No Longer Safe

‘Gates has his eye on you, man. He’s gonna blow your f*ckin’ brains out if he finds out you’ve been ripping him off like this.’

But seriously, the number of freeloading assholes stealing Microsoft Points is getting out of hand, and now Microsoft has decided to crack down on the issue. Players using generator sites that only give you access to free codes after referring others to the site itself are soon going to be tracked down Eastwood-style and physically beaten before being lined up against a concrete wall and executed… in a perfect world.

However, Microsoft may be evil, but not THAT evil (Although I wouldn’t put it past Steve Jobs… how many people do you know who have talked trash about the iPad 2? None? I thought so.). Instead the company has “taken steps to invalidate the codes obtained illegitimately,” meaning codes you purchased, or stole, earlier may not be valid anymore. ‘Evil’ codes that have already been redeemed on Xbox Live or Zune may earn the user an…

‘Unspecified punishment’

Chilling… but yeah, “[Microsoft] take safety and security very seriously and require that Xbox Live members use the service in compliance with applicable laws and specifically prohibit people from engaging in illegal activity as a part of our Terms of Use and Code of Conduct,” a statement from the company read.

“Our Policy and Enforcement team is evaluating whether or not certain individuals have violated the Terms of Use for Xbox Live and will take the appropriate enforcement on an individual basis.”

So, yeah, watch your backs if you’ve been stealing those points recently. Bad things may happen. Bad things.

Skyrim Developers Say What Every Elder Scrolls Fan Has Been Thinking After Oblivion – Not enough Morrowind in This…

So yeah, the Skyrim developers have been waxing lyrical recently, mostly concerning how their older, wiser breakthrough title, Morrowind (Which, to be honest made Oblivion possible due to the game’s insane fan base.) was given a backseat in the design of Oblivion, features and feel-wise.

As Skyrim nears completion, the developers are really excited to explain that, oh look, Skyrim is going to recapture the sense of exploration and downright weirdness that was Morrowind. Forget your itty-bitty-tiny-baby Imperial Province, where everyone is well-washed and well-spoken (and frankly annoying), we’re heading for a Nordic wilderness, where not even Mister Jesus knows what is around the next corner.

Level 30 Veteran Developer Todd Howard Explains the plight of Morrowind-ness.

“With Oblivion, we’re dealing with the capital province, and we wanted to get back to the more classic Arena and Daggerfall feel of a fantasy world that felt more refined and welcoming. A place that you instantly understood. But in that, we sacrificed some of what made Morrowind special; the wonder of discovery.”

“With Skyrim, we’re trying to bring some of that back and walk the line between Morrowind and Oblivion. Where it’s at first familiar looking, but has its own unique culture and spin on it.”

Then Todd elaborated, “It should feel alien, kind of ‘stranger in a strange’ land, with familiar looking elements only rooting you early in the game. The whole tone ends up being one of ‘I’m an outsider, I’m uncomfortable’.”

I get where he’s coming from. In Morrowind, you were set loose in a volcanic island full of gravelly-voiced yokels who are not too friendly with foreigners to the point of murderous xenophobia. Also, I got sick of everyone referring to me as ‘Outlander’. Oh well, at least I knew they were talking to me… and hurting me…

Buildings were made out of the discarded husks of deceased crustaceans, travellers were accosted by the living crustaceans and there was even a one-bar red light district. It was practically Fallout. Bring this back now. Remake it! DO SOMETHING!

Weekly Chart from Gamasutra Points to Additional Pokémon Dominance

Black or White!

So yeah, Pokémon Black and White have just been released, and, according to Penny Arcade’s Tycho, whichever one you buy, you’re either a race traitor or some kind of supremacist…

But, Gamasutra’s stats don’t lie, and it looks like the long-running RPG series with poot little monsters heer has come out on top again, rocketing to the top on all fro- wait, what? Why not Japan? These figures must be a load of… oh no wait, that’s because Japan gets Pokémon ages before us and they must’ve sold out.

Multiplatform Game Sales Chart
North America: 1. Pokemon White Version (Nintendo, DS), 2. Pokemon Black Version (Nintendo, DS), 3. Just Dance 2 (Ubisoft, Wii), 4. Dragon Age II (EA Games, X360), 5. MLB 11: The Show (SCEA, PS3).

Japan: 1. Shin Sangoku Musou 6 (Koei, PS3), 2. Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy (Square Enix, PSP), 3. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (Capcom, PSP), 4. Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan Saisen (Bandai, PSP), 5. SD Gundam G Generation World (Bandai, PSP).

UK: 1. Pokemon White Version (Nintendo, DS), 2. Pokemon Black Version (Nintendo, DS), 3. Just Dance 2 (Ubisoft, Wii), 4. Killzone 3 (SCEE, PS3), 5. Call of Duty: Black Ops (Activision, X360).

But yeah, in the UK and North America at least, Black and White are on top… well, White is, but that’s because 12 year olds are all a little bit racist. Except in Japan though, where recorded DS-only sales list Black being more popular then White. Guess they like the colour or something… oh well; at least they’re having fun…

Oh and hey look at that, Call of Shitty: Crap Ops is at the bottom.  Damn Treyarch making the AK47 into basically an SMG with no recoil whatsoever.

Let My PS Go

Good news, everyone... you are reading this in my voice

Joking aside, after hefty injunctions, law proceeding and general BS, after lying for 10 days, seized, alone and abandoned, the 300,000 Playstation 3s seized due to Sony’s ongoing legal dispute with LG are free to go on to their destinations after being seized due to copyright issues.

The news came down from The Hague recently that the Judge in charge of the case ruled in Sony’s favour, sending the captured consoles on their way, and prohibiting any more from seizure for the time being.

The consoles were seized without Sony’s permission, or even knowledge. LG will now have to pay on the nose for what they convinced an unnamed Breda District Court judge to have the consoles sized. Sony’s profit loss alone and the inconvenience will have to be paid for by LG, who currently want two dollars fifty for every PS3 sold or that has been previously sold due to supposed infringement of the device’s blu-ray systems from their company.

Stay tuned for more.

11/11/11 a day to note for gaming fans

Its coming... 11/11/11... possibly!