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Gaming Weekly (Recap) – Medal of Honor Debut and COD Black Ops 2 Trailers at Champions League Final

COD: Black Ops 2 and Medal of Honor Warfighter trailers to debut during Champions League Final

Football fans will be getting an additional treat this weekend as during the Champions League final clash between England’s Chelsea and Germany’s Bayern Munich, which whilst being a thrill ride in the game time will also offer us not one but two eagerly awaited FPS game trailers.

Both Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and Medal Of Honor Warfighter will be debuting new trailers during the Champions League final to get the maximum expose to their target audiences!

Both Activision and EA will be running the new trailers of their First Person Shooting games during the commercial break of tomorrow’s final and this will be the first step in the new battle for FPS supremacy that we can expect throughout the rest of the year.

Activision will be showing off new facets of its Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 gameplay during Saturday’s halftime interval in their trailer bid as the game has already seen the light of day, but its rival EA will be showcasing never before seen footage of its forthcoming game Medal of Honor Warfighter, for a first time look at the game and its gameplay.

Little is currently known about Medal of Honor Warfighter, which makes the pricy advertising slot even more lucrative as fans of the series will be tuning in just to see a glimpse of what EA will be offering in its lifelike FPS game.

With Medal Of Honour stepping back up to the plate back in 201o with its first ever modern day shooter and complete reboot of the series, it will be interesting to see what EA has put together for the follow-up title.


With the Champions League final done and dusted we can now share the two excellent trailers for an update.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2  Official Trailer

As you can see the trailer is focusing more on the story line aspects of the next Black Ops installment, as well as showcasing the future tech that will be used in the futuristic setting. Additionally you get another brief look at the awesome horseback shootout that the debut trailer alluded to!

Medal of Honor Warfighter Worldwide Debut Trailer

Medal of Honor Warfighter is inspired by actual events across the globe and written by real Tier 1 Operators while deployed overseas, following the global warfighters as they are asked to take on a real terror threat, PETN. The trailer features some of the gameplay and a point at the story-line, enlisting the international elite military services across the globe.

It’s still very early to offer thoughts on what either game is going to be like but with Black Ops 2 looking similar to its predecessor and Medal of Honor Warfighter offering a bit more detail, it’s clear that EA will be throwing as much into the design and realistic feel of Warfighter as possible.

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